Booze Cruise

by Electric Water

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released August 4, 2015

All songs written by Electric Water
Produced by Eric Miley
Cover girl: Urethra Franklin
Art/Design by Lacy Lafferty

Infintesmal Records 2015



all rights reserved


Electric Water Jacksonville, Florida

From the muggy air of Jacksonville, Florida

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Track Name: Talkin' 2014 Jason Lee Blues
You remember me/100% Sonic Youth/with a mean kick-flip/degenerate/Generation X/Brodie's hangin' at the comic store shooting the shit/vault rules/some things never change/it's so hard to explain when you're tracing/but you were never a tracer/and Stealing Harvard is so much harder when you're wasted/I'm talkin' 2014 Jason Lee Blues/My name/my name is Earl/riding stereo skateboards all over the world/Alvin! called me Dave Seville/chip-wrecked on an island for the mentally ill/had so much fun in my younger days/'til Scientology took my baby away/the dream of the 90's is alive in space/what more could a skate kid say?
Track Name: Midnight Taco Fight
It's the plight of a new generation/frustrated fingers on a Monday night/it's an overdose of stimulation/a certain satisfaction that you'll never find/and I'd never claim to know all the answers/I've never walked a single mile in your faded tights/but I've suffered from illusions of grandeur/and I understand the pressures of a restless mind/the drunken conversations/a temporary relief/and all the consequences/they repeat/but when the sun comes crawling the floor/she says she don't want it/and the dreams don't come anymore/she says she don't want it/when the wishes out number the stars/she says she don't want it/a new excuse to get in the car/another night at the bar/it's the plight of a new generation/a lack of focus for the finer things/and erratic appetite for attention/prescription pillows and amphetamines/and it seems for every boredom surrendered/you never had a revolution you could call your own/but for every thought forgot and remembered/there's a closet full of skeletons and broken homes/and all those metal boys/they're so sweet
Track Name: Super Super Punk Rock Rock Song
I've been around/I've heard your sound/I've heard the records that you emulate and well/it's all the same/as yesterday/and California is so fuckin' lame/but I got an idea/steer clear/another garage band/we'll hit the stage/be all the rage/burn it down or turn the fuckin' page/I wish they all could be California bands/I wish they all could be something other than/another carbon copy on a sesame bun/another jean jacket junkie with a smoking gun/gigantic jawbreaker that's lost all of its flavor/I bought your tape/it's fuckin' great/especially the songs about smokin' out and well/I wore it out/all over town/until I lost in the fuckin' couch/but I got an idea/steer clear/another garage band/we'll hit the stage/be all the rage/god I hope it's just a fuckin' phase
Track Name: New Cap City
Have you heard the news/the fleet is on the move/we're all heading for New Cap City/all ships on the ground/we got a brand new town/c'mon down to New Cap City/the toasters on our trail/but the god's will prevail/it's all well in New Cap City/all this has happened before/and it will happen again/inside the walls of New Cap City/That's not my president/this cannot be the earth that we were searching for/unionizing in a prison camp/the secret police are knocking on my door/Cylon! Cylon! Cylon!/somebody get a message to the Admiral/all eyes on Jupiter/so say we all/Life here began out there/salvation ain't a privilege to be bargained before/politicians profit pedaling fear/draw lines through generations/wage ridiculous wars
Track Name: Sauce Boss
Hey baby I'm in love with your sauce/hey baby just keep pouring it on me/hey baby well I think I'm in love/I'm in love with the sauce boss/you got that special blend of herbs and spices/but it's the way you mix it up that makes it oh so nice yeah/I'm in love.../sweet sweet death from above/I just could not get enough/cuz y'know when push comes to shove/baby you fit like a glove
Track Name: Fun Drugs
Hi/Hello/My name is Evan/and I play guitar/in The Lemonheads/and if you want to hang/and party with me/I'm gonna need some fun drugs/and I need 'em for free/The kind of fuck-up that needs no introduction/everybody's got heroes/and all mine can barely function/another artist bent on self destruction/Simon says folk's dead/you better stop Garfunkin'/and it's a shame about Car Button Cloth/but even some of the greatest/they get written off and they say/ashes to ashes yeah we all fall down/when all our drug buddies/they stop coming around/Whatever happened to Hatfield hummin'/eight miles high flyin'/when we hit the ground runnin'/the static chatter of nobody saying nothin'/every sentence fragmented/every sound a disruption/and Allison is starting to happen/Allison is growing a mohawk/and by the time we hit Arizona/I was looking California/I was feeling Winona
Track Name: Police Academy 2
Now listen closely baby don't forget/there ain't no hiding from the government/you're guilty until proven innocent/so keep your silence tell them pigs to get bent/when Johnny Law is cloggin' up your rearview/can't you hear the sirens call the red, white and blue/when it really gets down to it there's nothing you can do/cuz Uncle Sam/he wants you/and you and you Police Academy 2/They talk a lot about your civil rights/until you're walkin' down the street at night/and there ain't nobody else in sight/there ain't no running/jump the fence and take flight
Track Name: Hey Paula (I Found Those Cowboys You Were Looking For)
Hey Paula I found those cowboys you were looking for/they were hanging around gettin' drunk at the corner store/they just wanted to cash their checks/but the lady said NO/There ain't no Marlboro man/no the modern day worker does the best he can/and there ain't no ropin' steer/when the sun goes down/and it's time for a beer/cattle call from the welfare line/you gotta bring home the bacon to bring home the wine/and it's a tough job but somebody's gotta do it/John Wayne is a company man/who dies peacefully/and votes Republican/circle the wagon and head for the hills/the day labor pains and prescription pills/you can do the dishes/you can raise the kids/cuz a modern cowboy has no time for this/and it's a tough job but somebody's gotta do it
Track Name: #Shittooth
If there's something that you wanna say/write it on a piece of paper then throw it away/it's the same shit everyday/you need to shut it off/shut it down baby/a broken record spinnin' in my ear/another fuckin' story I don't wanna hear/allow me to be crystal clear/you need to shut it off/shut it down baby/could give a fuck about the cash you spend/the drunken piece of trash you call your new girlfriend/skip to the part you thought was fuckin' interesting/then just end/So no one ever told you think before you speak/leave some room for jesus/I don't need to feel you breathe/read a book and brush your fuckin' teeth/so no one told you life was gonna be unkind/speak when spoken to respect is something you can't buy/time is money and you're robbin' me blind/Can't you see the band's about to fuckin' start/pause the movie tell me later 'bout your favorite part/I didn't pay a fuckin' cover just to hear you talk/take a walk/But when my song comes on/I'm singing along/ wanna dance dance dance/for a moment in time/the whole world is mind/wanna dance dance dance
Track Name: Black Market Chicken Wings
Black market chicken wings/yeah we can sell 'em on it/I hear you talking shit/yeah we can smell it on ya/Everybody wants to know/why the fuck we did it so/Hey Renaldo/I got that great idea you've been looking for/all we gotta do is rent an Enterprise truck/and pull the forklift up like so/Hey Dwayne/you've truly outdone yourself this time/the Super Bowl's round the corner/droughts in the Midwest suggest/demand has impressively exceeded supply/$65,000 worth of chicken wings/such a copious quantity of poultry/but the paper's never said/they never did find them damn chicken wings/where'd they go/they didn't just fly away
Track Name: Wasp$$$
It's all quiet on the kitchen floor/assault rifles and attention whores/electric water and extension cords unwind/I got a wasp nest in my mind/mind racing up the bedroom walls/free basing in abandoned malls/a replacement for the reasons unexplained/I got a wasp nest in my brain/Buzz buzz buzz in between my ears/BBB it'all I hear/BBB and it's no surprise/BBB when I'm all alone/BBB through the telephone/BBB there's nowhere to hide/I got a wasp nest in my eyes/eyes focused on the brightest star/wide open from a stolen car/the sidewinder only dreams electric sheep/I got a wasp nest in my teeth/teeth chatter like a gravel road/feet scatter when the the missile blows/it don't matter when there's no where left to go/I got a wasp nest in my throat/BBB in my leather boots/BBB and there's no excuse/BBB in my hollow head/BBB in my leather hands/BBB like a ceiling fan/BBB 'til the day I'm dead/I got a wasp nest in my bed/bed's burning like a chemical fire/heads turn along the funeral pyre/webs spun from the umbilical wires we share/I got a wasp nest in my hair/hair trigger for the final fall/despair scribbled into bathroom stalls/a rare cancer stole the only peace I found/I got a wasp nest in my mouth